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Pure Pomegranate Juice | 20cl | Box of 10


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100% made in sicily

This package contains 10 bottles of 20 cl each of 100% pure Pomegranate Juice without any added ingredients.

These 10 bottles of Pomegranate Juice are delicious, concentrated, and perfect for those who want to enrich their diet, experiment with mixology, or simply seek the best!

What makes It Special

  • Pure 100% Pomegranate Juice. No added water, sugars, colourants, preservatives, or acids
  • The juicing process is done cold on wooden presses
  • The entire procedure is manual, without the use of machinery that could overheat the juice
  • It has a natural shelf life of 12 months, thanks to gentle pasteurization that preserves its quality
  • Perhaps the most genuine juice you will ever find

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