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Cantaloupe Melon Cream Liqueur (17%)

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What Makes It Special
  • Fresh and creamy Cantaloupe Melon liqueur cream
  • Perfect for making desserts, cocktails, or enjoying straight over ice
  • Made in Italy
  • 100% Produced in Sicily

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100% prodotto in sicilia

Cantaloupe Melon Cream Liqueur (17%)


Cultivated with care and precision by expert growers, the Cantaloupe Melon boasts smooth and ribbed skin that ranges from green to yellowish-green when ripe.

We use its juicy, salmon-coloured flesh to create a liqueur cream famous for its rich and sweet flavour.

Our idea is simple – we wanted to recreate the refreshing sensation of biting into a slice of Cantaloupe Melon on a hot summer day while basking in the Mediterranean sun.

Thus, we crafted a Cantaloupe Melon liqueur cream that captures the freshness and sweetness of this wonderful fruit.

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