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Artichoke Liqueur (28%) | Slow Food

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What Makes It Special
  • Made using Slow Food artichokes from the ‘Nostrale’ family
  • Ancient Sicilian recipe with 90 days of maceration
  • Perfect for creating cocktails and unique beverages
  • Made in Italy
  • 100% Produced in Sicily with artisanal craftsmanship
  • Vegan

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100% prodotto in sicilia

Artichoke Liqueur (28%) | Slow Food


Directly from Niscemi, the European capital of artichokes, we carefully select only the ancient variety of “Nostrale” artichokes, ethically grown by the Profeta agricultural company, to produce our Paesano Artichoke Amaro.

The artichoke hearts and stems are left to macerate in alcohol for 90 days and then blended with an infusion of herbs and caramel, following an ancient local recipe.

This slow artisanal production ensures a unique taste, while the artichoke’s highly beneficial and therapeutic properties complete this delightful Artichoke Amaro.

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