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Almond Cream Liqueur (17%)

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What Makes it Special
  • Fresh and creamy almond liqueur cream
  • Perfect for making desserts, cocktails, or enjoying straight over ice
  • Made in Italy
  • 100% Produced in Sicily

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100% prodotto in sicilia

Almond Cream Liqueur (17%)


Almond is a key element of Sicily’s agricultural heritage, with a long history of cultivation and production. The island’s climate and fertile soil make it ideal for growing almond trees, and Sicilian almonds are renowned for their quality, distinctive taste, and aroma.

The production of almond liqueur cream involves several steps. The first step is the cold infusion of almonds and other aromatic components in alcohol for a period ranging from 48 to 72 hours. This process extracts the flavours and aromas of the raw materials, giving the almond liqueur its characteristic taste and aroma.

In a separate phase, the neutral components of the product, such as cream, water, sugar, alcohol, milk proteins, and various additives, are blended in a pasteurizer/homogenizer to ensure the stability of the non-soluble parts of the mixture.

The result is a fresh and delicate almond liqueur cream.


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