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why to choose paesano?

Because we are traditional and authentic, because each of our products is unique, artisanal and rich in taste. Because Paesano is passion and at the same time elegance and delicacy.

The slow and careful processing of our master distillers transforms genuine ingredients into refined liqueurs.

mixology cocktail

Aperitifs, digestives, desserts, cocktails: discover the recipes that the other Paesano’s Ambassadors have created around the world.

Our unique and versatile liqueurs

You can add a unique touch to your cocktails using our craft liquors.

Our artisanal spirits can be served as single-serve or mixed into cocktails to create something completely unique. Made in small batches, our liqueurs are rich in flavour and perfect for after-dinner drinks.

The uniqueness of our liqueurs comes from the use of highly selected ingredients processed in ethical and organic agriculture, exclusively in Sicily. The attention to detail is rigorous, each of our products, in fact, is made by slow craftsmanship.

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