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In a delicate balance between tradition and modernity, we transform the fruits that our wonderful land offers to us into high quality liquors, thanks to the skilful hands of our master distillers.

PAESANO, a way of saying sicily

Pistachio, Pomegranate, Artichoke and Prickly Pears, unique raw materials, give the true Sicilian identity to our liquors.

The uniqueness of our liquors comes from the use of highly selected ingredients, processed in ethical and organic agriculture, exclusively in Sicily.  The attention to detail is rigorous: each of our products is made with slow craftsmanship. The complexity and elegance of our liquors come from the (in)fusion of the distinct flavors of the fruits and botanicals of the Sicilian terroir, selected with great care.

  • Love and respect for nature and tradition
  • Support of the local producers
  • 100% made in sicily

our collection

Tradition, Craftsmanship, Creativity, Mastery. Discover Paesano Liqueurs and enjoy a unique and authentic taste experience.

our symbol is the coppola hat because we work under the sunlight.

and the sun is always shining in sicily.

AND HOW DO you drink it?

Aperitif, digestive, dessert, cocktail: discover the recipes that the Paesano’s Ambassadors have realized around the world.

e tu come lo bevi?

Aperitivo, digestivo, dessert, cocktail:  scopri le ricette che i Paesano’s Ambassadors hanno realizzato in giro per il mondo.

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Visit our shop and discover all our products: liqueurs, Coppola hats, limited edition Paesano bottles, glasses and customised lamps..

non aspettare a provarlo!

Visita il nostro shop e scopri tutti i nostri prodotti: liquori, coppole, bottiglie Paesano limited edition, calici, bicchieri e lampade personalizzate.

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C’è una storia dietro ogni cosa

mondo paesano

Raccontiamo cultura, storia e tradizioni di una Sicilia autentica. C’è una storia dietro ogni cosa.

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paesano per bartenders

diventa ambassador

Prova Paesano, gustalo, scoprilo, sceglilo.  Diventa un nostro Ambassador, portavoce dell’autenticità siciliana racchiusa in un liquore, crea nuove ricette, noi le porteremo in giro per il mondo.