our story

Paesano is about the sea, the sun, unique tastes and fantasy.

It is a desire for an ancient, authentic Sicily, made of a thousand virtues and weaknesses. Paesano was born from the Love for a unique land, which deserves to be tasted all over the world.

Paesano is born from genuine and authentic fruits cultivated in those loved lands where our grandparents, uncles and cousins used to work.

Paesano comes from the belly of Sicily and its five characteristic fruits: Pistachio, Pomegranate, Prickly Pear, Artichoke and Lemon.

Paesano was born from a dream: to bring the authenticity of Sicilian tradition all over the world. 

our symbol is the coppola hat because we work under the sunlight!

And that is why our products are 100% faithful to the artisanal processing that allows us to maintain the freshness and flavours of those fruits as if they were just picked.

For all the love we feel for you, our beloved Sicily, we cultivate and work your fruits only in ethical and biological agriculture, to thank you every day and give you back our fruit:  the Paesano liqueur.


For us, Sicily means home and its inhabitants are our family, which is why our suppliers are local producers. This guarantees us the freshness of the products we use and their quality.


The raw materials from which our liqueurs are made are grown and harvested in ethical and organic farming, they are not and do not contain GMOs. For us, respecting our land and nature is a fundamental principle.


The production process of our products is entirely artisanal, born from the experience of our master distillers, all done by hand, without any mechanisation, as our grandparents did.

Tradizione Paesano

Respect for traditions

Just as in the past, with the same flavours and authenticity, our liqueurs are made from ancient and unique Sicilian recipes. A sip of Paesano also means stepping back in time…