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Ciao a tutti!

I’ve recently been doing some experimenting with different ways to enjoy the Paesano product range and wanted to share my current favourite recipe with you!

Paesano adds a unique twist to the traditional aperitivo and I wanted to reflect this when getting creative with the classic Aperol spritz.

The Jessicana – Sicilian Aperitivo with Citrus and Pomegranate Liquor

For this recipe I used the liquore al melograno as the base ingredient.

In terms of flavours, I’ve always been a fan of combining pomegranate and its seeds with citrus fruits in salads, desserts, marinades etc, and love nothing more than a fresh glass of spremuta with breakfast in the mornings.

These flavour combinations automatically make me think of spring and summer trips abroad, dining al-fresco and soaking up the sun, and of course no holiday of mine is complete without a glass of bubbly in (each) hand! And so the Pomegranate Citrus Spritz, aka the ‘Jessicana’ cocktail was born…

The great part about this recipe (other than the taste, of course), is that it can be easily adapted to suit different palates.

For example, if you prefer a stronger or weaker drink, just adjust the ratios accordingly.

If you prefer a less sweet-tasting beverage more reminiscent of a classic spritz, then try replacing the diet lemonade with soda water or simply omit it altogether.

25ml Liquore al Melograno
50ml Dry sparkling white wine
25ml Fresh Orange Juice (if you can get hold of blood orange-even better!)
25ml Diet lemonade

Serve over ice and garnish with an orange slice.
(For a longer drink just double up on all the quantities)

So, whilst we are stuck at home and unable to travel, allow this recipe to transport you to sunny Sicily, warm rays shining down on you and a cool, refreshing Pomegranate Citrus Spritz in hand!

Paesano Ambassador Jessica Jeffrey in her home in UK
Paesano Ambassador Jessica Jeffrey in her lovely garden in the UK

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